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Tips for Buyers

  • Find a realtor you trust, listen to their opinion and make sure they listen to you.

  • Ask questions about everything:  neighborhoods, condition of property, schools, anything important to you.  Your realtor may not know all the answers, but he should know where to find them.

  • Try to be clear about what you want.  Everyone will have some sort of budget, but what else is important to you?

  • Be realistic.  Give details about what you would like and discuss whether you have realistic expectations.

  • Get yourself pre-qualified with a good mortgage company.  Don’t find the house of your dreams only to find out you can’t buy it.

  • Be vocal about what you like and dislike about a property.  This will help your realtor pinpoint what you might like.

  • Do not sign anything you do not understand!

  • Your realtor should explain their agency relation with you.  If they don’t, ask them to.  No matter whom a realtor is working for, they should treat you with honesty, disclosing any known defects of a property.

  • Determine what you will compromise on and what you will not.

  • Don’t look at properties you can not or will not buy.  It is very counterproductive to your buying a home.

  • You expect your realtor to be honest with you – be honest with them.

  • Get your realtor to help you understand the process of buying a home in the area you are looking, such as

  1. Being pre-qualified with a lender

  2. Finding the property I want

  3. Making a contractual offer

  4. Having my offer countered or accepted. . .The list goes on, but have your realtor prepare you for what to expect.

  • When should you buy?  When you are ready!  There is no time like “now”.  Why wait?  You need a home.  “Weight broke the wagon”.  I always hear, “my friends say I should wait for a better rate.  Well, rates are affected by many factors and rates are subject to radical changes.  Find the property you want and buy it!  If rates go down, refinance.  Wait can just be an excuse.  Some people I showed homes to more than 23 years ago are still waiting to buy!  That is a lot of rent!  Don’t wait.  You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  • Seek advice from friends and family if you like, but unless the people you are getting advice from are paying for the property, it should be just advice.  The ultimate decision should be the buyers.

Whether buying or selling, these five principles apply!

  1. Location of property

  2. Price

  3. Condition

  4. Motivation of Seller

  5. Motivation of Buyer